Liverpool ownership group making further sports investments

For Liverpool fans, the Fenway Sports Group (FSG) ownership era has been one of ups and downs. For years, fans have railed against what has been felt like a lack of ambition. While a large section of the support appreciate that the American ownership group essentially saved Liverpool from impending bankruptcy after Tom Hicks and George Gillette era, they have not always seen eye-to-eye.

Part of the accusation has long been that FSG has their hand in too many pockets. That they are unable to commit to major investment or risk with Liverpool because they are too tied-up in other investments. With their investment in more than five sports – including ownership of the Boston Red Sox – Fenway have recently made a new investment in the form of TGL.

TGL is a golf event that launches next year, and is run by Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods. Both golfers have been strict opponents of the Middle East backed takeover of the game of golf. As such, they look to set up an event that will be carried on Primetime TV that provides a younger audience with a more fast-paced style of golf. Many of the best players on the PGA Tour will be involved, too, but there has been a need for investment. Enter FSG.

FSG will be backing the franchise-style event, buying up one of the events that is going to be based in Boston. Fenway’s principle owner, John Henry, has backed the move. FSG chairman Tom Werner also spoke of his excitement about the deal, adding: “We are excited for this new journey as one of the six inaugural TGL teams in honor of a city whose love and passion for sports is unparalleled. Through this new, tech-focused version of the game, New England sports fans will soon have a team of world-class PGA Tour players to cheer for and redefine for this community what it means to play the game in the modern era.”

Will TSG investment impact Liverpool?

While it is unlikely that investing in this new opportunity would impact Liverpool negatively, there is hope that it might draw investment into FSG. With more and more interest in buying into the group, with the likes of LeBron James already involved, it has been no secret that Liverpool’s owners would like to bring in fresh capital to the club.

This is expected to happen in the near future. Investment groups are keen to make a purchase of a minority share of FSG. This would open up the chance for extra investment in the sports that allow for more financial injection from ownership groups – like football.

While it is unlikely that Liverpool will ever have the kind of state-backed income that rivals such as Manchester City have, investment into FSG could open up the doors for more ambitious summer signings. With this new investment in the game of golf, the hope from the Liverpool side of things will be that Fenway can find a new investment partner that helps them to grow the club even further in the near future.

Given the scale of the rebuild needed at the club, any kind of new investment would be much welcomed.

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