Arthur’s Redemption: Lessons Learned from Liverpool Setback Have Made Him “Better Than Ever”

Arthur’s loan spell at Liverpool was marred by disappointment, characterized by just 13 minutes on the pitch and a significant injury that required surgery. However, the Brazilian midfielder is now flourishing at Fiorentina, with valuable lessons drawn from his time at Anfield.

Since swapping Juventus for Fiorentina on loan this season, the 27-year-old has regained his form, featuring in all six games and starting five of them. Remarkably, he has played 32 times more minutes for Fiorentina than he did during his time at Liverpool. Arthur credits these experiences for his current growth and maturity.

When asked about his current state, Arthur told AS, “Better than ever. I feel more mature, physically better. I started working on the mental aspect, which I didn’t focus on before, and I’ve improved.”

He attributes this personal development to the mental challenges he faced while sidelined, particularly as he had been eagerly anticipating representing Liverpool. Reflecting on his time at Liverpool, Arthur stated, “I was really looking forward to playing in a different league. Everything was going very well in a great team, but in training I had an injury. It was hard, mentally very hard, but you also learn. Now I look back and get something productive out of the injury.”

During his injury hiatus, Arthur began working on the mental aspect of his game, as well as aspects like nutrition, rest, and sleep. Although the injury was unfortunate, he views it as a learning experience that has ultimately contributed to his growth. Arthur expressed, “I started to work on the mental part, nutrition, rest, and sleep. It was bad luck, but it belongs to the past now.”

The timing of Arthur’s injury coincided with a challenging season for Liverpool, and he became a subject of humor for some. However, behind the scenes, it was a trying period for the player. He disclosed that he sought the help of a psychologist during his time off, which has clearly benefited him as he moves forward with Fiorentina.

He emphasized the importance of his support network during that challenging period, stating, “I was very lucky to have my family, my partner, who helped me because it was difficult, since you think: ‘My goodness, when am I going to come back… I now play in the operating room.'” Despite the difficulties, he never considered giving up, acknowledging the sacrifices he had made to reach his current position. Arthur believes he still has a lot of football ahead of him and has embraced psychological work not only for football but for life in general, expressing that it has been highly beneficial.

Furthermore, Arthur harbors no ill feelings about his time at Liverpool. He praised the club, saying, “Liverpool surprised me a lot. The fans are incredible, but within the club, everything has Klopp’s face. It is a family.”

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