FA Urged to Prioritize Common Sense Amidst Potential Liverpool Charge Following PGMOL Admission on VAR

In the aftermath of a VAR error during the Liverpool vs Spurs match, at least one Liverpool player faces the possibility of an FA charge for expressing frustration. It’s a situation that calls for the application of common sense.

The repercussions of the VAR blunder in the Liverpool vs Spurs game have been commensurate with the enormity of the mistake. Arguably the most significant error since the introduction of VAR in the Premier League, it continues to be a topic of discussion more than 48 hours after the match concluded.

Unlike a mere subjective call, this mistake originated directly from the technology. While it’s acknowledged that VAR wrongly nullified Liverpool’s goal due to an on-field assistant’s offside call, the failure to intervene based on an erroneously signaled ‘check complete’ when the opposite was intended is more challenging to accept than a misjudged flag.

Never before have all officials been so quickly aware of a crucial, game-altering error yet felt powerless to correct it. It seems that no one was willing to make the decision to override VAR protocol. With Spurs scoring soon after, the situation quickly became irrevocable.

Common sense did not prevail at that moment, but there’s an opportunity for the FA to exercise it in evaluating the aftermath of the incident. Naturally, Liverpool players and staff were dismayed by the outcome. Jürgen Klopp, to his credit, remained remarkably composed in his post-match interview, but some players let their emotions get the better of them.

Alexis Mac Allister, in particular, has potentially opened himself up to an FA charge, as reported by the Metro. In a heated, since-deleted exchange with international teammate Cristian Romero on Instagram, the Liverpool midfielder suggested that the Spurs victory was ‘normal when you have 12 players.’ By the letter of the law, this could be construed as questioning the integrity of a match official, warranting a charge. However, enforcing such a charge in these circumstances would seem absurd.

The integrity of match officiating is already compromised due to the PGMOL’s admission that the VAR process failed. While referees weren’t favoring Tottenham, as Mac Allister implied, their decision-making unequivocally handed Spurs the victory.

Players are already expected to adhere to a robotic standard in terms of the amount of football they play. Now, they’re being asked to suppress emotions as well. In the context of the profound injustice against Liverpool, even Mac Allister’s outburst appears relatively restrained.

It’s too late to rectify much from this incident, which has severely damaged the reputation of VAR and the PGMOL. However, the FA can still exercise some common sense to prevent the situation from worsening.

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