Billy Hogan Updates Fans on Progress of Anfield Road Stand Project

Liverpool FC CEO, Billy Hogan, has offered a comprehensive update to fans regarding the status of the ongoing Anfield Road Stand expansion project.

In the wake of Buckingham Group’s administration filing, Hogan reiterated the commitment to transparency and thanked everyone involved in the project. Acknowledging the impact on livelihoods due to Buckingham Group’s administration, Hogan expressed gratitude to project contributors and supporters for their patience during the challenging period.

Following a temporary halt in work during the three weeks leading up to Buckingham Group’s formal administration on September 4, the club swiftly appointed Rayner Rowen Construction and other subcontractors to resume operations. Hogan detailed the efforts over the past five weeks, which included a thorough assessment of the construction program and collaboration with subcontractors from the previous phase.

While the site is now fully operational, Hogan revealed that the revised construction timeline is still pending due to the need for a more extensive assessment. Consequently, the current stand configuration will be maintained until the end of the calendar year, with the lower tier open and the upper tier closed.

Contrary to earlier expectations, the upper tier will not be available for the upcoming home games, including the men’s Merseyside derby. Hogan clarified that the decision was based on recent insights into the project delays, emphasizing the importance of comprehensive information for project progression.

Addressing concerns about ticket holders for the upper tier, Hogan expressed regret and assured supporters that those affected would be contacted directly by the fan services team. He highlighted that fans would retain credit for their purchases, and detailed communication plans for affected supporters would be initiated in the coming week.

In light of the ongoing complexities and challenges, Hogan emphasized the dedication of the team and consultants to expedite the project’s completion. However, due to the intricacies involved, no new timeline for completion has been established, and the same stand configuration will persist into the New Year. Hogan assured supporters of continued updates as the project progresses, recognizing the frustration and disappointment caused by the news. Despite the setbacks, the commitment to achieving a successful project completion for the crucial Anfield expansion remains unwavering.

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