Andy Robertson’s Injury Leaves Jürgen Klopp with Tactical Choices as Liverpool Considers a Revival of an Eight-Year-Old Experiment

International breaks often bring challenges for Liverpool, with players returning late due to injuries or other issues. The recent trend of South American players returning late persists, and this time, attention is drawn to a potential injury concern for Andy Robertson.

The Scottish captain is returning to Liverpool for a shoulder problem assessment, and the severity remains uncertain. Ideally, it’s hoped to be a short-term setback rather than a more serious issue.

If Robertson is unavailable for the upcoming Everton game and possibly beyond, Liverpool faces a crucial decision on how to address the gap. Two perspectives from writers provide insights into the potential solutions.

“Kostas Tsimikas is the Right Replacement” – Matt Addison

While acknowledging concerns if Robertson were to miss matches against top teams like Manchester City or Arsenal, Addison expresses hope for a short-term absence, which would allow Liverpool to navigate key Premier League clashes with teams like Everton, Nottingham Forest, and Luton.

“Joe Gomez Deserves a Chance” – Ben Bocsak

Bocsak suggests that although Tsimikas is a solid option, Joe Gomez might be a more suitable solution, especially against top-tier Premier League sides. The recent tactical shift with Trent Alexander-Arnold moving into the middle has made the left-back role more defensive, favoring Gomez’s defensive strengths.

Despite recent appearances as a right-back, Gomez is not unfamiliar with the left-back position, having gained experience there when he first joined the club over eight years ago. His current good form adds weight to the argument. Barring a challenging match against Brighton, Gomez has shown promise, providing additional defensive protection. His ability to form a back three with the other two center-backs when Alexander-Arnold inverts could be crucial in defending against quick offensive transitions from opponents.

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