Kidnapping Incident Involving Luis Diaz’s Parents Unfolds in Colombia

Liverpool midfielder Luis Diaz faces a family crisis as his parents fall victim to a kidnapping incident in Barrancas, Colombia. The unfortunate event occurred when they were intercepted by gunmen on motorcycles. Although his mother, Cilenis Marulanda, was successfully rescued in a police operation in Barrancas, his father remains missing.

President Gustavo Petro has taken swift action, deploying the army to aid in the search for Diaz’s father. The Colombian police, led by General William Salamanca, are actively utilizing all available resources to locate and secure the missing family member.

Reports indicate that the 26-year-old footballer’s parents were taken while traveling to their residence. The kidnapping took place at a petrol station where armed assailants on motorcycles approached their truck. Both police and army forces are collaborating in the efforts to resolve the situation.

The Colombian Football Federation expressed deep concern, labeling the incident regrettable and urging authorities to expedite the rescue of Diaz’s father. In a statement, they conveyed solidarity with the player and his family, emphasizing the need for swift action.

The Colombian attorney General’s office is also actively involved, deploying a specialized team of prosecutors, CTI (Technical Investigation Team) officials, and investigators from the police and military to swiftly locate the kidnapped individuals, unravel the events leading to the incident, and identify the perpetrators.

In response to the family crisis, Luis Diaz was absent from Liverpool’s match-day squad in their Premier League clash with Nottingham Forest on Sunday. The club issued a statement expressing their fervent hope for a safe resolution and reassured that the player’s welfare remains their immediate priority during this challenging time.

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