Jurgen Klopp Indicates Kaide Gordon has Outgrown Liverpool’s U-21 Team Despite Prolonged Injury

Jurgen Klopp is suggesting that 19-year-old Kaide Gordon has surpassed the level of Liverpool’s youth ranks, even after an 18-month injury setback.

Gordon, a winger who arrived at Anfield from Derby County at the age of 16, was once hailed as one of Liverpool’s most promising young talents. Despite making his debut at the age of 16, an unfortunate string of injuries has sidelined him for nearly two seasons.

Now on the brink of featuring in the UEFA Europa League finale after his return, Klopp, in a press statement, implied that Gordon has already outgrown the youth football stage.

Addressing the forward’s injury history, Klopp remarked, “Unlucky with some of our big prospects. They were a bit too good already for the physical demands of U-21 football. We thought they could help us, and everyone was heading in the right direction, then the body said no, stop. That happened to Kaide a few times.”

Considering the significant time Gordon has lost due to injuries, Klopp suggests that a January loan spell could be a viable option for the winger. Such a move could provide an opportunity for Gordon to regain lost ground in his career, and Klopp acknowledges the potential benefits of a loan to a League One or Championship side.

While Gordon’s career trajectory might have been hampered by injuries, glimpses of his talent when he was fit and healthy indicate the promising future he still holds. A loan stint could prove instrumental in reigniting Gordon’s development and showcasing his potential at a higher level of competition.

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