Jamie Carragher Suggests Liverpool Missed Out on Six Points by Not Signing Arsenal’s Declan Rice

Jamie Carragher has pinpointed the absence of a particular signing that he believes could have given Liverpool a substantial lead in the Premier League standings. Currently in second place, just one point behind leaders Arsenal after 17 games, Liverpool has performed admirably this season.

Looking ahead to the upcoming match against Arsenal in The Telegraph, Carragher expressed his perspective on both teams. The Liverpool legend opined that acquiring Declan Rice from Arsenal during the last summer transfer window could have had a significant impact on Liverpool’s current league position.

Carragher’s statement suggests, “If Liverpool had signed Declan Rice last summer, they might already be six points clear of the rest.” While this notion is intriguing, some may question the level of impact Rice would truly have.

Critics argue that the hype surrounding Declan Rice may be exaggerated. Despite his contributions to bolstering Arsenal’s midfield, the team’s overall performance hasn’t dramatically improved, maintaining a position similar to the previous season with Thomas Partey anchoring the midfield.

Although Rice could be considered an upgrade over certain players, such as Wataru Endo, Liverpool’s challenges this season extend beyond the midfield. Unlike the previous season, the team appears more solid in the middle of the pitch, making it challenging for opponents to exploit.

While acknowledging the potential for a better No. 6, critics view Carragher’s claim that Rice could have propelled Liverpool from second place to a six-point lead as hyperbolic. The consensus is that, despite Rice’s quality, such assertions may be overstated, especially considering the player’s unlikely move to Liverpool.

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