Sven-Göran Eriksson Expresses Liverpool ‘Wish’ Amid Shock Cancer Diagnosis

In a poignant revelation following his terminal cancer diagnosis, former England manager Sven-Göran Eriksson has disclosed that managing Liverpool would have been his ultimate dream, considering his deep-rooted support for the club.

Eriksson, known for his managerial stints with major football clubs globally, including a noteworthy tenure as England’s head coach, shared this heartfelt sentiment amid the challenges of his health. Having recently informed Swedish Radio P1 about his diagnosis, stating he has “best case a year” to live, Eriksson expressed determination to resist for as long as possible.

While Eriksson’s managerial career in the Premier League only saw him lead Manchester City for a single season, he acknowledged that a managerial role at Anfield would have been his top preference. He revealed to Sky, “When you talk about teams, my father is a Liverpool supporter, I am one as well. So I always wished to be their manager — but that will not happen, for sure.”

Despite being linked to major roles at Manchester United and Chelsea during his career, Eriksson’s sentimental connection to Liverpool, shared with his father, makes it a standout choice for him. Reflecting on his time as England coach, Eriksson utilized Liverpool stars like Michael Owen and Steven Gerrard, with the iconic 5-1 victory in Germany featuring three Reds players under his management.

The possibility of Eriksson joining Manchester United arose when Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement seemed imminent in the early 2000s. However, Ferguson extended his tenure after a disappointing 2001/02 season. Eriksson’s managerial journey took a different path, and by the time Ferguson retired in 2013, the opportunity to manage United had passed. The subsequent managerial selection, including David Moyes, didn’t unfold as planned under Ferguson’s guidance.

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