Egypt Manager Criticizes Liverpool’s Handling of Mo Salah’s Injury Information

Rui Vitoria, the Egypt manager, has voiced his disapproval, stating he ‘didn’t think it was right’ for details about the severity of Mo Salah’s injury to be disclosed before Egypt’s crucial African Cup of Nations match.

Salah sustained a muscle issue during Egypt’s 2-2 draw against Ghana last week. Following Liverpool’s 4-0 triumph over Bournemouth in the Premier League on Sunday, Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool’s manager, informed the public that Salah would return to Merseyside for treatment. The Egyptian FA later confirmed Salah’s absence for the next two matches, including the final Group B match against Cape Verde in the Ivory Coast.

Just before the kick-off, Salah’s agent, Ramy Abbas Issa, revealed that the setback was more significant than initially thought, estimating a recovery period of 21-28 days. Despite Salah’s absence, Egypt managed a 2-2 draw against Cape Verde, securing a second-place finish in their pool and advancing to the knockout stage.

In a post-match media briefing, Vitoria provided an update on Salah’s injury and indirectly criticized Liverpool’s communication approach. He asserted that Salah, who observed the Cape Verde game, was under the care of their “excellent medical team.” According to AFP reporter Andy Scott, Vitoria seemed ‘annoyed’ at Klopp’s remarks.

Vitoria explained via Yahoo Sport, “I want to clarify things. Mohamed Salah has an injury, which we learned was longer-term than initially thought, so we had to extend his recovery time. Before the game, we chose not to disclose anything, as everything was under the control of our excellent medical team.”

Acknowledging the upcoming travel, changing temperatures, and the need for a swift recovery, Vitoria suggested it made sense for Salah to have a conducive environment for recuperation. He expressed disagreement with Liverpool sharing information about the injury, emphasizing the importance of focusing on the crucial game at hand.

“Now that the game is over, we will determine the best solution for the player’s treatment. These are the facts. This is the situation,” concluded Vitoria.

Observing his performance, I couldn’t help but envision him as a midfielder, a role I believe he’s destined to fulfill at Liverpool. His tireless work rate, ability to cover every inch of the field, and seamless fit into Klopp’s midfield style make him an ideal candidate for that position.

While the prospect of Bradley securing a spot in Liverpool’s midfield remains uncertain due to stiff competition, his current role as the second-choice right-back behind Alexander-Arnold offers him more playing time. If Alexander-Arnold continues in his hybrid role, Bradley could seamlessly step in as a reliable substitute, potentially saving Klopp considerable expenses.

Should Bradley evolve into a box-to-box midfielder with even a fraction of Gerrard’s caliber, it would undoubtedly be a welcome scenario for the Liverpool manager, presenting a valuable asset without any complaints

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