FSG Explores Behind-the-Scenes Documentary for Liverpool with Klopp’s Approval

Despite Jürgen Klopp’s past reluctance and a firm stance against behind-the-scenes documentaries, recent reports indicate that Liverpool’s owners, FSG, are in early talks with media groups for a potential new series. The documentary would provide a glimpse into the inner workings of the club, with Klopp reportedly on board.

The discussions suggest a possible U-turn for Klopp, who had previously rejected Amazon’s ‘All or Nothing’ series in 2018. Klopp’s hesitation towards such projects was evident in 2019 when he expressed strong disapproval of cameras in the dressing room, emphasizing that he would consider leaving the club if such footage were released.

The potential documentary comes almost 12 years after Liverpool’s first foray into the genre with ‘Being: Liverpool’ in 2012. Bloomberg reports ongoing talks between FSG and media groups, and sources in the US have confirmed the early-stage discussions with the club owners.

The shift in Klopp’s stance may be attributed to a changing landscape of football documentaries, with various clubs participating in similar projects. The Echo notes that Klopp had voiced concerns about maintaining the privacy of the dressing room, especially after a viral video captured a fiery team talk from then-Red Bull Salzburg manager Jesse Marsch during a Champions League match against Liverpool in 2019.

While Klopp’s reservations are understandable, recent examples like Amazon’s ‘We Are Newcastle United’ series, which focused more on the boardroom than the dressing room, could potentially address his concerns. Whether this prompts a full U-turn from Klopp remains uncertain. Still, the ongoing discussions indicate a potential shift in Liverpool’s approach to providing fans with an inside look at the club’s dynamics.

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