Late-Night Revelry: Klopp’s 3 am Phone Call to Sir Alex Ferguson

Jurgen Klopp, the charismatic manager of Liverpool, couldn’t contain his elation when his team ended a 30-year Premier League title drought in 2020. To share the joy, Klopp decided to make a playful yet cheeky 3 am phone call to none other than Sir Alex Ferguson, the legendary manager who once aimed to “knock Liverpool off their perch” during his tenure at Manchester United.

The revelation came from Ferguson himself, now 82 years old, while presenting Klopp with the LMA Manager of the Year award a couple of weeks after the memorable season concluded. In a lighthearted acknowledgment, Ferguson commended Klopp’s managerial prowess and the fantastic performance of his team, attributing the success to Klopp’s impactful personality that resonates throughout the club.

Ferguson amusingly recounted the phone call, stating, “I will forgive you for waking me up in the morning at half-past three to tell me you won the league! Thank you.” The anecdote adds a touch of humor to the camaraderie between the two managers, emphasizing the friendly nature of their relationship despite the historical rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United.

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