Trent Alexander-Arnold’s Perspective on England Career and Euro 2024 Aspirations

Liverpool’s talented right-back, Trent Alexander-Arnold, shares insights into his England career journey and maintains a positive outlook despite being overlooked by manager Gareth Southgate.

Alexander-Arnold reflects on his season, marked by setbacks due to injury, yet remains hopeful for a return to action after the international break. Despite past exclusions from England squads in favor of other right-backs, he remains determined to vie for a spot in the Euro 2024 squad.

While acknowledging Southgate’s concerns about his defensive skills, Alexander-Arnold emphasizes his contributions in attack, boasting the most assists in Premier League history. Southgate has previously experimented with deploying him in midfield, a move questioned by Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp.

Despite limited appearances for England in recent tournaments, Alexander-Arnold remains unfazed, attributing it to timing and luck. He expresses confidence in his abilities and willingness to contribute to England’s success, whether playing a pivotal role or supporting from the sidelines.

Maintaining a rational perspective, Alexander-Arnold understands the challenges faced by managers in squad selection and refrains from personalizing decisions. He acknowledges the inherent competitiveness among players vying for starting positions and remains focused on his aspirations to represent England and achieve success on the international stage.

Despite the uncertainties and disappointments, Alexander-Arnold remains committed to his childhood dream of representing his country and aims to contribute to England’s quest for titles whenever given the opportunity to wear the national team shirt.

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