Liverpool Fans Turn Misjudged Man United Gesture into Virgil van Dijk Tribute

Liverpool supporters quickly capitalized on a misstep by Manchester United’s pre-match playlist at Old Trafford ahead of the FA Cup quarter-final clash.

In a nod to St. Patrick’s Day, the PA operator chose ‘Dirty Old Town’ by The Dubliners, inadvertently setting the stage for Liverpool fans to launch into their tribute chant for Virgil van Dijk.

Ian Doyle and Paul Gorst of the Liverpool Echo, reporting from Old Trafford, highlighted the swift reaction of the away end as they recognized the familiar tune associated with their beloved defender.

Doyle tweeted, “Bad move from the United PA by playing Dirty Old Town. The #LFC away end instantly breaks into the Virgil van Dijk chant,” echoing the sentiments shared by Gorst, who noted how the attempt to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day backfired as Liverpool fans redirected the moment to honor their star player.

While the intention behind the Irish-themed song was understandable, it failed to resonate with the home crowd, instead igniting a display of admiration for Van Dijk from the visiting supporters.

As Liverpool fans embraced the opportunity to pay homage to their defensive stalwart, memories of their remarkable 5-0 triumph over Manchester United nearly two-and-a-half years ago lingered, with hopes high for another memorable performance.

Though replicating such a dominant scoreline may be a tall order, the fans remain hopeful that their jubilation at full-time will match the fervor stirred by the pre-match chant, fueled by the resonance of ‘Dirty Old Town’ as a precursor to one of Liverpool’s most cherished rituals.

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